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> Different OT question, same thread:  I haven't seen the show yet, and I'm
> wondering, have they kept the World War III scenario from the "First Contact"
> movie (Earth, politically and technologically crippled by a Third World War,
> makes first contact with the Vulcans after whats-his-name invents a warp
> drive)?  If so, when is the show supposed to take place vis a vis that
> timeline--shortly thereafter, a few years thereafter, a century thereafter?

Well, Archer kept saying stuff like "We've been under their thumb for a
hundred years...", so I would assume it to be about a century after first
--- end of quote ---

Under whose thumb?  The Vulcans?  Why are they trying to keep Earth off the Galactic scene?  Because we're not advanced enough to handle space exploration?

If the show takes place in 2161, that would put it between 100 and 110 years after the invention of warp drive on Earth, I think.  IIRC, "First Contact" took place in the mid-21st century, a decade or so after WW III.  So that all adds up.

Forgive all these basic questions, but I don't have television at the moment (I have a TV, but it doesn't get any channels without cable and I refuse to pay for cable, so I just use it for my VCR; I guess I'll have to wait a year or two until "Enterprise" starts coming out on video...).


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