Recently I've been working out poetics for Vaior, and I've been
casting interesting sentences or couplets into Vaior just get a feel
for things.  The English approach (accent patterns) doesn't work too
well in Vaior, where you easily get words like "urchafolsaumai" or
"terchersinsarchia" with no secondary accents to fall back on.

Mostly I've been running interesting problems translating very
idiomatic English in the lyrics of songs I like, most recently the
song "Beauty" at (a friend sings on
that song).  Lines like "what's it like to be belovéd just for being
seen" just make me want to translate them.

But this is very hard. :)

I've been a reader of CONLANG on and off for years, and learning about
the translation relays were one of the things that convinced me to
resubscribe.  I'm curious to know if there's another one in the near
future.  It sounds fun.

William Annis  -  System Administrator -  Biomedical Computing Group
"When men are inhuman, take care not to feel towards them as they do
towards other humans."                       Marcus Aurelius  VII.65