--- D Tse <[log in to unmask]> wrote:
> Oh yes...a few days ago I was in a Japanese
> restaurant, and I was
> reading the menu... I noticed that the kanji for
> "stirfried" I
> believe was pronounced "itame" in one, according to
> the furigana, and
> a few entries down on the menu in another dish, it
> was
> pronounced "iri", both kun (native) pronounciations.
> I wonder what
> the distinction is...

Most likely, "itame" was written in kanji with the
hiragana "me" following it at the end -- which
indicates "itame".  Whereas, "iri" (are you sure it
was "iri"?  I don't recall this kun-yomi for itame!)
would either be followed by another kanji character or
the hirgana "ri".  Some words that "stand allow" may
have their own pronunciation versus when they are used
with other characters or even dependent upon the

BTW, in the combination where "iri" was written, what
was the second kanji??


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