>"To find happiness, one should not seek it."

        This is interesting in Vaior.  "Find" is derived from "seek,"
sort of like it is in Chinese (zhao-dao).  Where Chinese uses verbal
complements, Vaior has a suffix indicating the successful completion
of the goal of an action.

"On dauchandavatuvo inna sintisan, aron lu dauchanhiro."

on dauch-andav-atuv-o     inna sintis-an,    aron lu  dauch-anhir-o.
if seek-SUCCESS-WANT-PRES 3g   happiness-ACC then not seek-MUST-PRES

inna = English 'one', French 'on' or German 'mann.'  I don't recall at
the moment what the best name for that sort of pronoun is.  Here, I
called it "3rd general."