From: "D Tse"

> Actually, believe it or not, I don't mind the Japanese
> simplifications: they're much more graceful in my personal opinion,

I agree.

> the kanji for _kae(ru)_ to return (umm, don't know the Mandarin but
> it's cantonese /kwAi5/)

Sidney Lau proffers "gwai1"; it's "gui1" in Mandarin.

> in Japanese retains the entire right side of
> the kanji whereas the simplified Chinese version mangles it even
> further. :P It's hard to describe without seeing the characters.

Double agree. This actually looks like it might've been some calligraphic
abbreviation (the "broom" stays intact). Incidentally, Sidney Lau offers the
mainland simplified form (plus an extra stroke) as an alternative Hong Kong
form. Oy.