Arnt Richard Johansen wrote:
> Ciktal has nine vowel phonemes.  The first five are the monophthongs /A/,
> /7/ (close-mid back unrounded vowel), /u/, /i/ and /E/.


> Andi dosam eloske, ön ngimam elos.

So, to write _dosam_ one writes do-so(rev)-ma(rev)?  Any reason why its
not do-sa-ma(rev)?  That would seem more logical to me, as it would
minimize the necessity of using that diacritic, and it reflects the
syllabification better, as _dosam_ would be do-sam.

> I'd be happy to give you interlinears, but I'm not quite sure how to do
> it.  Do anybody have any webpages that describe it, including such things
> as common abbreviations of case names?

Interlinears are usually done just by showing what the morphemes are,
and giving a key to the abbreviations.  There are a few common
abbreviations, like acc for accusative or pl for plural.  For example,
using an example from my conlang Uatakassi:

Irr = Irrational (i.e., not a language-using entity)
NP = Non-punctual
G# = Gender number
Loc = location
Launilki biibaa pitisklukua?
Launi -l         -ki biibaa pi-tisklu-kua
Be.loc-3rdSingIrr-NP where? G7-shoe  -my
Where is my shoe?

Incidentally, _tisklu_ breaks down as tis- "thing associated with" and
_klu_ archaic form of _klus_ "foot" :-)

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