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> While the concept of base pi have always attracted me, it should be
> possible to find a base in which pi is 3.11111111 for the n first digits.

    Sure, base 10.  n is 1.  This is assuming you mean, "there exists a base
and an n such that pi is ...".  If you mean, "for every n there exists a
base such that pi is ..." then you're wrong.  0.11111... in base b is the
expansion of 1/(b-1).  Pi minus 3 is approximately 1/7, so base eight is
going to give you the closest expansion to 3.11111....

    Gladilatian has a word for two pi, _ryt_, but not for pi, since two pi
is the more fundamental constant.  _Ryt_ is the adjectival form, the noun
is _rytot_.  If you want to say "pi" in Glad. you have to say "two pi
divided by two", which is _mnatfsutot_ryt_


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