For those who know "DocPerry" (mostly from rec.scuba), this note came
through over the weekend.


Hello, everyone.
Just a quick note to tell you all that I'm heading back into Afghanistan in
the next day or two.
Once there, I'll be travelling to the Panjshir Valley and other areas where
there are predictions of major humanitarian disasters about to occur. See
what, if anything, I can do.

Meantime, I won't be in email contact and, no matter whathappens, I won't be
able to monitor my Hotmail account on the satellite phone. SO, if you have
any messages to send me, please do so before Monday evening (my time). Once
I'm able to monitor my satellite email again, I'll send out a message with
some sort of update on what's going on and remind you of my satellite email
account address.

Hope you are all well.
No matter where tou are, please take care. Seems no where is safe. any more.

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