Hey all,

With the reported discontinuation of the Nikonos V, I'm starting to think
about adding a housed 35mm SLR to my UW camera system, and then decide if
I'm going to slowly transition away from the old Nikonos, or decide that I
really prefer it and keep it going for the next "N" years.

What I'm looking for are twofold:

First, the basic, FAQ-like stuff for SLR housings in general...stuff like
what focal length lens & type of port people like/recommend, and any known
equivalencies.  For example, a 20mm lens with a dome port is supposedly
equivalent to a Nikonos with a 15mm.

Second, .I currently have a Canon Elan IIe, but this is a recently
discontinued body, so I'm very likely to replace/upgrade it before putting a
housing around it.  But my installed base of Canon EF lenses probably mean
that I'd stick with Canon instead of going to Nikon.  Any recommendations
for what specific lenses to consider (and which Canon bodies) would be
greatly appreciated.