At 08:13 PM 10/20/01 , Nick wrote:.....after
>  Daniel L. Crawford wrote:
>>That's what he said anyway.  I'll believe it when I see him not post
>>there.  Good riddance.

And Nick replied to the list:

>If you don't mind, I'd prefer that we not start bashing anyone about
>anything.  Also, scuba-se is its own list with its own customs,
>participants, and management.  scuba-l is not scuba-se-d, and I am told
>that scuba-se is not meant to be scuba-l-d.  If they are having issues, the
>right place to discuss those issues is there.
>Overall, I appreciate the spirit of cooperation that most people who use
>this list apply to list matters here.  Generally things have stayed
>extremely civil here recently, and I have not had to do anything for a long
>time....and I much prefer it that way.

I apologize to Nick and to everyone on the list for my inappropriate
post.  I should
have kept my private feelings toward someone private and kept my fingers
off the keyboard.

Safe Diving To All