On Friday, October 19, 2001 12:04 AM, Gil Levit wrote:

> Two questions which I hope you guys can help me with:
> 1.      What (if any) opinions do you guys have on buying a digital camera
> and a housing?

Mate! I have lots of opinions about photography - especially the U/W kind -
but regrettably all mine are worthless as:  (a)  I still haven't learned any
of the technical thingummyjigs about photography.  And (b) I'm useless at
it!  :-)

> 2.      I am getting conflicting reports as to the weather situation in
> Maldives during the beginning of December.  Anyone know for sure what is
> going on there during that time period?

From November to April (approx.), the north-east monsoons ensure warm, dry
weather and calm seas.  From May to October, the south-west monsoon gives
greater possibility of rain and rough seas.  June and July are generally
acknowledged to be the rainy season months.  The best time for diving is
usually reckoned to be from August through to May.