I've finally gotten the revised paradigm done for
spoken Kerno. Here is the regular -ar conjugation.
Comments, harsh criticisms, large cash payments,
etc. welcome. [Note: use a monospaced font so it
all lines up right.]


Indicative                      Subjunctive
                i. Pres. Simple

parlam          parlamos        parlayam        parlaimos
parles          parles          parlais         parlais
parles          pharlont        parlais         pharlayont
                                [also parlem, parles, etc.]

ii. Past simp. (perf.)

parlasi         parlason
parlaste        parlasaz        iiA. Past
parlasot        pharlasont
                                parlassem       parlassimos
iii. Past simp. (impf)          parlasses       parlasses
                                parlasses       pharlassiont
parlafam        parlavon        [also parlessem, parlesses, etc.]
parlafas        parlavaz
parlafas        pharlavont

                iiii. Future simple

parlab          parlabon        parlissem       parlissimos
parlab          parlabaz        parlisses       parlisses
parlab          pharlabont      parlisses       pharlissiont

                v. Pres. 1st compound

iog parland     vamos parland   vayam parland   moniomus parland
vays parland    vaz parland     vayas parland   vayas parland
vays parland    yont parland    vayas parland   vuniont parland

vi. Past 1st compound (perf)

fu parland      fuamos parland
fus parland     fuaz parland    viA. Past 1st compound
fu parland      fuont parland
                                moniassem p.    moniassimos p.
vii. Past 1st comp. (impf)      moniasses p.    moniasses p.
                                moniasses p.    voniassiont p.
monef parland   monevon parland
monef parland   monevaz parland
monef parland   vonevont parland

viii. Future 1st compound

moniso parland  monisemos p.    monissem p.     monissimos p.
monises parland monisez parland monisses p.     monisses parland
monises parland vonisont p.     monisses p.     vonissiont p.

ix. Past 2nd compound (perf)

ey parlu        on parlu        hayam parlu     hayamos parlu
as parlu        az parlu        hayas parlu     hayas parlu
as parlu        ont parlu       hayas parlu     hayont parlu

x. Past 2nd compound (anterior)

o parlu         oen parlu       avassem parlu   avassimos parlu
oys parlu       oys parlu       avasses parlu   avasses parlu
oys parlu       oeont parlu     avasses parlu   avassiont parlu

xi. Future 2nd compound (fut. perf)

ura parlu       uremos parlu    oyssem parlu    oyssimos parlu
uras parlu      uras parlu      oysses parlu    oysses parlu
ura parlu       uront parlu     oysses parlu    oyssiont parlu

        s.              pl.
Pres.   parleor         pharlonteor
Past    parlaseor       pharlasonteor
Furure  parlasseor      pharlassonteor

Infinitive      pres.   parlar
                past    parlasier

Imperative      pres.   parla, pharlaz
                fut.    parlaso, pharlonto

Participles     pres. active    parlanz
                pres. middle    parlamend
                past            parlu

Verbal noun             parland

There are two compound formations, the 1st with "ir", the
2nd with "aver". The 1st compound tends to convey a sense
of emphasis: iog me parland = I do say, etc.

parlam me               I speak
iog me parland          I do speak
ystam parlant           I am speaking (progressive)

parlafam me             I was saying
monef me parland        I did speak / used to speak
ystafam me parlant      I was saying (prog.)

parlasi me              I spoke
fu me parland           I did say
ystetai me parlant      I was speaking (prog.)

ey me parlu             I have spoken
o me parlu              I had spoken

parlab                  I shall speak
iog ar parlar           I shall speak (cf. voy a hablar)
ystatura parlant        I shall be speaking
ura parlu               I shall have spoken