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><<-how did you go about creating your language?>>

I created my first language by starting with a phonology and word
generator. This is not the way to go. (Actually, it wasn't so much a
language as bunch of words. It didn't even have a real grammar until just
before I put it to bed for ever (and I don't mean it was an English
rip-off; it even looked up to that).) Words, imho, should come last, if at all.

For my more recent ones, I worked out (in this order) a phonology,
phonological history, various parts of the grammar (and history), words
(and history). The grammars are still being worked on tho. I don't even
know if it's really possible to have one finished. And they have very few
words, almost always created under duress (that is, during relays).

>1.) Definite/indefinite opposition (possibly via zero marking of one)

How to languages without the applicable articles make the distinction?