(Note that I'm just providing points against points against PDFs, but I'd
rather have HTML and PDF, not just PDF.)

At 08.49 a.m. 25.10.2001 +0200, you wrote:
>You can also use Dynamic Fonts for that, Nizar Habash (I hope I spelled the
>name right) has a very nice site with them, which loads very fast:

But that doesn't work with Opera. Indeed, it never even makes it obvious
that there's going to be a problem with viewing it. At least all PDF
viewers will work with embedded fonts.

>I don't know what the material is needed for production of Dynamic Fonts,
>but for what I remember, it's cheaper than Acrobat.

One doesn't have to purchase Acrobat to create PDFs. There are many free
ways to do it (for example, PDFTeX if you use TeX or printing it to a PS
then using a PS > PDF converter, many of which are freely available on the
   On the other hand, I haven't found any free tools for the creation of
Dynamic Fonts.

>Of course, you need a browser that supports Dynamic Fonts. I just hope
>it's not only the case of Internet Explorer and Netscape.

(See above)

>Christophe (the Netherlands too, though I'm French :) . Do you liver near
>Den Haag? That's where I live).

Isn't everywhere in the Netherlands near The Hague? Tiny overpopulated
European countries...