At 12.53 p.m. 25.10.2001 +0200, you wrote:
> > (Note that I'm just providing points against points against PDFs, but I'd
> > rather have HTML and PDF, not just PDF.)
>My thoughts exactly :-)

And normally when there's PDFs available, I'll read the PDFs.

> > One doesn't have to purchase Acrobat to create PDFs. There are many free
> > ways to do it (for example, PDFTeX if you use TeX or printing it to a PS
> > then using a PS > PDF converter, many of which are freely available on the
> > Internet.
>I did this for a while. I created my own printer definitions etc, so I could
>print PDF files from windows programs as if it were any other printer. It
>worked fine, but I am still glad I got PDF writer/Acrobat Distiller. The
>results are far better and more controllable.

I use LaTeX to do anything that needs any formating (give me text-mode any
day. I hate wysiwygs). I can get full control over my PDFs that way. A lot
easier than Acrobat (or at least the pirate version (4) I used).

> > Isn't everywhere in the Netherlands near The Hague?
>No, you are mistaken: eveything in The Netherlands ("The" should be
>capitalized, as it is part of the name) lies near Utrecht.

4.35 The names of countries ... are always capitalised. Thus:
   the Federal Republic of Germany (Germany)
   the Syrian Arab Republic (Syria)
   the People's Republic of China (China)
   the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg (Luxembourg)

 From that, it seems I'm right. At least for Australia.

>  Although, I live
>in Krimpen aan den IJssel, which is near Rotterdam, which again is quite
>near Den Haag (The Hague, we are so fond of using articles in geographic

3.21 Accepted English forms should be used for foreign placenames. For example:
    (examples ending with:)  The Hague

So it seems that you write 'The Hague' (not 'Den Haag') but 'the
Netherlands' ... although what's the Dutch name for the Netherlands? (I can
also say that 'The Netherlands' and 'the Hague' just look broken, which
implies that most other people do them like that.)

>But I go to university in Utrecht, which is not that far either...
>Hmm... I think I just made your point.

Indeed you did. (I was just using The Hague as an example. The Netherlands
is itty bitty teeny weeny (yellow polka dot bikini?). It'd fit seven times
into Victoria...

Incidentally, my Oma and Opa are Dutch. Or at least, my Opa was before he
died (right when I was printing something off the Net for him in 1996. How
inconsiderate is that?). And then there's all those great aunts and uncles
on my mother's side. My hair looks like my grandfather's, and his looked
like Einstein's...

> > Tiny overpopulated European countries...
>We are proud to be the most densely populated country of Europe, besides teh
>city-states of Vatican City and Monaco, with a proud 420 people per square
>kilometer and a total population of over 16 million. And we cannot even
>build skyscrapers because our soil is too damp.

On the other hand, Australia is proud to have one of the lowest population
densities in the world with a proud 1.5ish people per square kilometre and
a total population of over 19 million.