Quite good, except one minor minor thing caught my eye...

The symbol for unrounded back (what books used to call "baby gamma"
and now "Rams' horns") looks exactly like the symbol for voiced velar
fricative, and the symbol for that has been replaced with ... a greek

In every book I've seen, and even in the old IPA charts, the
difference is that baby gamma/rams horns is the same size as a small
caps character, whereas the gamma symbol takes up the descender space.

I think it's just the font you're using...

As an addition to the discussion today about the use of PDF files vs.
for publishing conlangs on websites, I have constructed a 2-page PDF
showing a table that allows you to look up IPA characters vs. SAMPA
and v.v.

The file is 109 kB in size and can be found at:

The document also includes links to other sides (IPA homepage etc.)
and en
e-mail link.

Maarten van Beek