Tristan wrote:
>At 02.27 p.m. 25.10.2001 -0400, you wrote:
>> >TV is boring and it requires a certain amount of intelligence to realise
>> >this?
>>"TV is boring" is kind of a very general statement, isn't it? I find
>>all programmes death boring, and yet the few exceptions are enough that I
>>spend a couple hours per week watching the thing.
>>You assume that conlangers on average are brighter than the population at
>>large, I see. While I'm inclined to think the same, I don't think there's
>>any statistical evidence for it. I'd guess that conlang correlates more
>>strongly with what you may call "artistic personality" than with high
>>intelligence (me being the exception - nobody I know 'd call me artistic,
>>but they'd agree I'm quite bright in the math/logic sense).
>I wasn't being at all serious! It was meant in purely in jest. You appear
>to have taken it much to seriously. I realise that there's going to be
>non-conlanguers who are intelligent and conlanguers who aren't so.

>>According to figures I've seen, the average westerner watches TV 1-2 hours
>Then there must be people who are glued to the idiot box all day...

The younger of my little sisters, for one. If our parents let her, she'd be
spending all non-school waking time in front of the thing (she already
spends all non-waking time before it, seeing she's got one at the foot of
her bed!).


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