At 05.44 a.m. 27.10.2001 -0400, you wrote:
>     Partly it's name: "double-you".  And the fact that it's very difficult
>for anyone not to say "dubya" in fast speech.  Well, actually I say "dubyou",

I often say /"dAb@ju:/ in fast speech (I also sometimes say /@"str&ij@/ for
Australia and /"&j@mInj@m/ for aluminium, but normally the /j/s are [L] and
the following vowel ever so slightly fronted (["dAb@Lu+:], [@"str&il@+],

>so I guess that's slightly better...  Also, I don't like the look of it;
>looks like it's up to know good with all them points...

I don't know, I quite like the look of a <w>. Certainly better than the
alternative---a wynn looks much to much like a <p> (sometimes I wonder how
the Old English read, with <b>, thorn, <p> and wynn... at least the didn't
have <q>...