On Sat, Oct 27, 2001 at 03:06:13AM -0400, Adam Walker wrote:
> Excuse me, but What are ya'll talking about?  Is this some new slang?

Not really, it's this little inside "joke" going around computer gaming
circles that seems to have gotten extremely popular. The phrase "all your
base are belong to us" comes from an old (little-known) computer game
created in Japan, called "Zero Wing", that was apparently translated to
English by somebody who knew very little English. For some reason or
other, people found the result very funny, and so it's been spreading
around since, and recently suddenly became very popular (I'm not sure

Here's one of many links on the net that explains the game, and gives a
transcription of the intro sequence, which is where the "all your base are
belong to us" phrase comes from:

The FAQ is very long, so I've decided to quote the relevant passage here:

C1. The Introduction (English version)
                             In A.D. 2101
                          War was beginning

Outside Ship - An explosion occurs.

Ship's Bridge
 Captain: "What happen ?"
 Mechanic: "Somebody set up us the bomb."

Close-Up of Excited Communications Officer
 Operator: "We get signal."
 Captain: "What !"

Ship's Bridge
 Operator: "Main screen turn on."
 (CATS appears)
 Captain: "It's you !!"

Close up of CATS
 CATS: "How are you gentlemen !!"
 CATS: "All your base are belong to us."
 CATS: "You are on the way to destruction."

Close up of captain & CATS
 Captain: "What you say !!"
 CATS: "You have no chance to survive make your time."

Ship's Bridge
 CATS: "Ha ha ha ha ...."

Close up of Forlorn Captain
 Operator: "Captain !!"

Ship's Bridge (ZIGs on monitors)
 Captain: "Take off every 'ZIG'!!"

Shows a ZIG pilot powering up
 Captain: "You know what you doing."

Shows a ZIG moving into launch position
 Captain: "Move 'ZIG'."

ZIGs on monitors, Bridge Explodes
 Captain: "For great justice."

The ship explodes.
A lone ZIG zooms into view!


PNP = Plug 'N' Pray