>I like this expression better.  You can see raindrops as straight
>ropes...  "Raining cats and dogs" is one of the few things that makes
>me ashamed of the English language.  The other is the letter "w".
Ashamed? Why? What’s wrong with “w”? And “raining cats and dogs”?

>Muhammad did convert Jews... just not all of them, and those that did
>just melted into the rest of the the Muslim world.  I don't think that
>"Islam" and "Muslim" would have been based on "shalom" in that
>alternate universe... the Arabic root SLM in "Islam" and "Muslim" means
>_submission [to God]_, while the Hebrew cognate ShLM doesn't have that
>connotation... as far as i know it only has the basic meanings of
>"wholeness" and "peace" (which are related).
>-Stephen (Steg), whose Arabic 101 test today was really easy!
I read somewhere the Islam does mean “peace”, or something close to it... I don’t really know, though, since I know close to nothing about Arabic... taking what I do know, though, doesn’t it make more sense for SLM in Arabic to mean peace? “salaam” is Arabic for peace, right?
Or am I totally off somewhere??? (Probably.)

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