Hey, anyone (esp'ly good ol' Kou, ROMILLY or Christophe - the websearch
know about Derek Bickerton's Island 2 experiment and his 200-word
experimental ConLang he is using/was using in this experiment 8 years ago???
    Basically, he is/was isolating a bunch of youngsters & their youngish
families - all from highly different linguistic backgrounds - & giving/gave
them all a 200 word vocabulary to use. (Naturally - it is hoped, the adults
would make/made a pidgin, the kiddies a creole...)

    "He [Derek Bickerton] was convinced he knew what sort of language the
kids would invent: it would be a creole." <quote from Discover magazine,
April 1992, "Kids, Creoles, and Coconuts," pp. 44-53>

    I would think that this 200 word list would be a great tool in ConLanging
pidgins and creoles (I am betting that part of the 200 words is an modified,
modern meshing of Swadesh and the top percentile of semantic lexical items
across several languages OR somting like dat).

    My websurfer is actin' strange & I get to Google then it crashes...