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<< Why?  I find the idiom to be delightful and idiosyncratic, the way almost

all idioms in all languages are. >>

    Just because I think it's dumb.  It focuses on the impact of the rain
(I'm assuming) rather than the look of it.  Also, I don't like to think of
cats and dogs falling from the sky; it's just not an idea I like.  Ropes
falling I do like, though...

<<The letter 'w' I can understand, but I wonder if we think of the same

reasons.  Why don't you like 'w'?>>

    Partly it's name: "double-you".  And the fact that it's very difficult
for anyone not to say "dubya" in fast speech.  Well, actually I say "dubyou",
so I guess that's slightly better...  Also, I don't like the look of it;
looks like it's up to know good with all them points...