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Ergative's used for object of prepositions? Though I think it makes sense (I've
heard of a universal that says that unmarked cases are never used with
prepositions, hence nominative-accusative languages never use nominative with
prepositions - Esperanto being an exception, but since it's an artificial
language it doesn't count -), I don't know if it's usual. Anybody knows of an
ergative language with prepositions which could be an example?
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Since ergative case is also used to mark the possessor, I could see using it for the 'objects' of adpositions if the adpositions were somehow noun-like.  Many languages have things like "the house's interior" for "inside the house".

Of course, if adpositions patterned with nouns in Lisanek, and their 'objects' with possessors, I would expect them to precede the noun and trigger construct state marking on the preposition:  "house interior-CONS".


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