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>If you can translate a sentence such as: "if I see the man who walked on my
>flowers, I'm gonna make him eat his dirty shoes through his nose!" :)) without
>grammatical difficulties (I'm not talking about a lack of vocabulary), I'd say
>your language is pretty complete.

le lizha-nui  m  tala ni  barzhi-mi   -n    v l-lhom   da,
I  see  -COND OBJ man  who walk  -INFER-PERF on my-flower if

le zha  -va    -n    pa   i  kazha-n    m  raghi zh-zorba aki zh-rhiz!
I  cause-INTENT-PERF that he eat  -PERF OBJ dirty his-shoe  via  his-nose

(If necessary, Tirelhat can use "khami" meaning "more than one" to indicate
plurals, but it's unlikely they would be used in a case like this.)

Keep in mind that the syntax is the aspect of Tirelhat that's currently
undergoing revision. This is the most recent version of Tirelhat syntax,
not the new experimental forms, which are likely to be quite different.

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