On Friday, October 26, 2001 3:58 AM, Hugh Huntzinger wrote:

> It is now just a few hours short of exactly ten years ago, when Alan
> Friedberg let the members of <scuba-l> in on a special secret...the
> of Egghead Divers.
> Since that date, there have been several gathering of NED's in various
> states and countries, exchange of a lot of great dive information, from
> mundane to the obscure...especially the obscure :-)   And to some unusual
> garb, such as a neoprene necktie or dive skin worn under a suit during a
> symposia briefing, or perhaps a just a large Viking Helmet during dinner
> :-).

I can't answer for the neoprene necktie, or the dive skin, but the Viking
Helmet - that Bjorn donated as a prize in a 'Tall-Tale-Tell-Off' during the
Coz99NEDFest - is presently sitting here at "Strike's Reef", before it goes
travelling off to the Cayman Islands next year and a possible new owner.  (I
was thinking of signing the thing up for a Frequent Flyer programme!)  :-)

> A toast, to the true meaning of recreational go out, have fun,
> and share it with your friends.

I'll drink to that!  :-)))