On Friday, October 26, 2001 9:40 AM, Jeff Kell wrote:

> Amen.  As someone lamented earlier regarding the actual or partial
> boycott of the list due to the Bob/Lee/Strike/et al bickering (wasn't
> it Viv?); there a much more civilized lot in person, especially with a
> regulator in their mouth and water over their heads :-)

And Sydney would have been the perfect place to get wet this morning!  At
sun-up there was hardly a cloud to be seen and the sea was absolutely flat
calm, not even a swell.  Now on their southward migration there are humpback
whales all along the Sydney coastline, with five of them just off the
northern beaches.  (Not that boats or divers are allowed near them, but
there's always the chance that one'll cruise by while you're swimming along
minding your own business!) :-)

Next week Wings and Ani Stocks, from Santa Cruz, arrive for a week's stay -
and to see if Shelly Beach really is, as Huw Porter described it, 'The
Wembley of Diving'!<BWG>  With any luck the whales'll still be around; and
the Weedy Seadragons; and the Port Jackson sharks; and the Wobbegongs; and
the Giant Cuttlefish; and the squid; and the ... rest of the critters that
we regularly see there.  (It'll probably be a bit of a challenge for them
both after all those wrecks and caves so we're brewing up a special batch of
Phyco-Plonk in Julian's BCD bladder just to soften the blow for them!)  :-)

> Damn, I love this new Pentium IV 1.7Ghz beastie :-) :-) :-) (off-topic)

Mate!  I don't understand a thing about computers, but if it can't brew
coffee as well then I don't need one!  :-)