On Friday, October 26, 2001 12:19 PM, John wrote:

> > Next week Wings and Ani Stocks, from Santa Cruz, arrive for a week's
stay -
> > and to see if Shelly Beach really is, as Huw Porter described it, 'The
> > Wembley of Diving'!<BWG>

> Santa Cruz, California?

The same!  He used to own the dive store, 'Ocean Odyssey' there.  Just
recently he's been involved in the search for the remains of a Spanish
Galleon believed to lie in the waters around Guam using CCR's so he's
probably in the mood for something a tad more exciting and challenging -
like Shelly Beach.
(Where - the sky being blue, the sea flat and the temperature warm - I'm
about to head off out the door for.  John! If you were joining us to day,
you'd never want to leave, it's that perfect!)  :-)