Chuck wrote:
> I have not seen Tim Tams, but vegemite is readily available in the states
> now.  As well as at finer organic food stores, it can be found at Jiffy
> where it is used as axle grease.

And Ray Jones followed up with:
> I've still got a bottle that I got from the Ned-fest that I use for roach
> bait.

> Damn stuff lasts forever!!!! They won't even take it.

And then Jeff said:
> In the US, vegemite is interchangeable with, oh, say, chitterlings [more
> properly pronounced "chitlins" in the south) (that's intestines for you
> Aussies :-) ).

Fellas!  Vegiemite is a national icon with a thousand-and one uses.  (I once
convinced a lady that I met at a dive show - and who was suffering from
ear-ache - that Vegiemite was the Australian equivalent of Tiger Balm
ointment and that if she put a small dab inside her ear then the pain would
go away.  It did, too!  Now try doing that with Apple Pie!)  :-)))