On Tuesday, October 23, 2001 9:15 PM, Catalin Braescu wrote:


> > Ideally have all of the equipment checked by a suitably qualified
> equipment
> > specialist:  Preferably one who works with a local dive store that you
> know
> > and trust!  :-)

> Well, David, here comes the bad part: we don't have diving stores nor
> classes in Bucharest (which is the capital city with about 2.5 Million
> people). Basically we don't have any diving store anywhere in Romania
> (population about 22 Million people) and we have two or three
> classes/schools take a year country-wide (PADI or else).

Hi, Catalin!  My apologies.  I didn't realise or appreciate your
difficulties, and that it's not simply a matter of popping down the road to
the local dive store and signing up for a refresher course. :-)

At a personal level I'm not a big fan of self-study programmes as far as
diving is concerned, (and in any event they are, (or should be!), always
complemented at some stage by practical experience with an instructor), but
as an interim measure one or other of the programmes offered by the
different training agencies might be a good first step in bringing you back
up to speed on the theory and how practical skills should be performed.  (I
know that both PADI and SSI have materials available that include manuals,
video's and CD ROM's.)  If you have difficulty getting hold of these then
let me know and - providing that you're comfortable with English-language
materials? - I may be able to get some to you.  (I would stress, however,
that it's not a substitute for a proper in-water training
programme/refresher course that you should take whenever is practical.) :-)