David Strike wrote:
> The third episode of David Attenborough's, "Blue Planet" screened last
> night.  Offering an insight into life in the sea, it's both informative as
> well as visually stunning.  But it did raise a few questions in my mind!
> :-)
> One aspect of last night's episode showed huge shoals of sardines feeding on
> plankton.  Swimming along with their mouths open in a huge 'O' shape, they
> scoop up the plankton and expel the sieved water through their gills.  Now
> this, it seems to me, is fine for the fish out at the front of the huge host
> but not much of a life for the slower sardines at the back of the pack.  :-)
> Looking at the huge wall of mouths busy gobbling up plankton, I can't
> imagine that there'd be too much left over for the tail-end-Charlies other
> than re-cycled plankton that's already passed through several dozen other
> sardines' digestive tracts!  :-)
> Seems to me it wouldn't be much fun being a slow swimming sardine!  :-)

I think Lewis Grizard, a Southern US humorist said it best:

"If you ain't the lead dog, the view never changes..."

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