I'm assuming you were joking because, except for humus, I dissagree on every
point.  I do think humus is quite distinct from mud.  I'd consider it more
like dirt.


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>Date: Tue, 6 Nov 2001 00:15:01 -0600
>on 05/11/01 07:12, Muke Tever ([log in to unmask]) wrote:
> > I like the "English words for mud" answer,
> >
>Humus is not mud.
>Humus is something you get in Greek & Lebanese restaurants that tastes like
>sand mixed in wheat paste.
>Actually, as I understand it, humus refers specifically to decaying plant
>material. Rather like compost. Both of which are distinct from "mud" (i.e.
>wet dirt).
>And sludge too; sludge refers only to industrial waste, never to wet dirt.
>Clay isn't mud either.
>Gumbo is cooked in a pot and served over rice. It has nothing to do with
>Quicksand too is distinct from mud. You can't make mud out of sand. You
>get wet sand.
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>PS -  I think I may have just proven your point...

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