On Tue, Nov 06, 2001 at 11:31:30PM -0500, Robert Hailman wrote:
> I'm from:
> /t_hVrOnt_ho/ - Toronto

Hmmm, the locals here seem to pronounce "Toronto" differently :-) I'm not
sure if this is slang or something, but one time, somebody here told me
that you could tell that a person is from Toronto if he pronounces it as
(the 'n' has a dental click, forgot what the symbol for that is.) Of
course, there was this joke/rumour that the Canadian border officers will
get suspicious if you said you lived in /t_hVrOnt_ho/ instead of
/t_hVrOno/. Not sure if this is 100% true :-)

> /Ont_hEjrio:/ - Ontario
> /k_h&nVda/ - Canada

Hmm, the people I know around here seem to pronounce this as /Ont_h&rjo:/
and /k_h&nVd@/ instead. Maybe this is a regional thing?? it'd be
interesting if Toronto has regional idiolects within itself :-P

As for me, I am originally from Penang, Malaysia. Now, "Penang" is an
Anglicized name; the "real" name is "Pulau Pinang".

/p_hin&:N/    - Penang
/pulau pinaN/ - Pulau Pinang
/mVlEjsj@/    - Malaysia (English pronunciation)
/malajsja/    - Malaysia ("official" Malay pronunciation that the
        government tried to push, along with the "official" pronunciation
        guide to Malay -- the Malay language was/is becoming pidginized with
        local Chinese and Indian tongues at the time into "bahasa pasar",
        "marketspeak", with such interesting changes as final /a/ -> /V/,
        which in my generation was considered "cool" or trendy. And then
        the language police came and wanted to "correct" everyone. I doubt
        they are successful. :-P)


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