Nicole wrote:
>Tristan froge sionk (wrote):
> > At 02.24 p.m. 6.11.2001 -0500, nd003k wrote:
> > >nothing is impossible...
> > >..nicole
> >
> > Therefore, it is impossible for something to be
> > impossible. Therfore, your
> > .sig is faulty.
> >
>you just had to go and ruin it all didn't you?
>anything is possible...

We-ell, your new sig is crying out to be refuted too.

(It's not possible to determine the truth value of the sentence "This
statement is a lie", for instance. Guess why I use it as my sig at a Msg Brd
that I frequent.)

/Andreas (in philosophical mode)
"There are only three explanations: the Infinite Pillar of Turtles, the Ring
of Turtles and the Super-Turtle."

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