Daniel Andreasson wrote:
>Andreas wrote:
> > Community: Linghem ["liN(h)Em]
> > Commune: Linköping [lin"C2:piN]
> > Province: Östergötland [%2st@r"j2:tland]
> > Country: Sverige ["svErjE]
> > Big Bloc: EU [e:}:] (note the abscence of a definite article)
> >
> > Note: I don't speak the local dialect* - the pronunciations
> > above are "Standard".
>Not really. The "standard" pronunciation of _Sverige_
>is [sv&rjE]. Or am I mixing up Stockholmska and "standard"?

_"Standard"_ (note quotation marks) here meant the more-or-less Standard
pronunciation I use (the thread is about how we pronounce the name of the
place we live in, after all). Whether lowering of /E/ before retroflex
consonants is to be considered Standard or not I don't know. When I listen
to myself, I actually seem to have a slight lowering in that environment.

(People following the thread about consonant strings may've noticed I've
inconsistently switched between [E] and [{] for /E/ in this environment)

>Do you really have [i] instead of [I]? I have heard
>[li:nC2:pIN] but never [linC2:piN]. I say [%lIn:"C2:pIN]
>where the [%..."...] is supposed to be grave accent.

We-ell, frankly, I can't tell if it's [iN] or [IN]. Telling tense and lax
vowels apart have never been my strong point. That long [i:] in the first
syllable can only be the result of not using the word several times a day.


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