--- John Laury <[log in to unmask]> wrote:
> Hello.  This is my first message to the list--I just
> signed on, so right now I don't know too much about
> the
> topics of conversation.  I just heard about this
> group
> from one of your members (the inventor of Teonaht)
> and
> figured I should check it out.  I have to admit I
> haven't invented any languages to date (besides an
> attempt at an alphabet/phonetic system in high
> school,
> which I gave up when I took my first college
> linguistics class and discovered that the systematic
> phonetic similarities that I "discovered" were only
> *part* of the first phonetics lesson), but I have
> plenty of ideas, and I am thrilled that if I were to
> create a language in the future, I might have an
> audience that could appreciate it.

Welcome to an incredible list, John.

Myself, too, I've only been a "member" for a few
months but find it most interesting -- if not
rewarding.  Everyone is quite friendly, actually too
friendly in that you will *definitely* get a reply or
20 to any question or comment you pose!... umm, I
ought to shut up as I'm still sorting through over 300
mails from the past 4 days!!

Hang in there, take your time, do what you can when
you can, just be persistent -- that's my way to view
it, and I've never taken a linguistics course.  How I
regret that!

So, what sort of alphabet/phonetic system did you
dabble with?  I, for one, particularly relish
languages which do not make use of Roman letters.

PS. I've heard of Sally and seen her name often,
although I've never actually talked to her.  She's in
the current relay5 under the direction of Irina, which
I'm participating in too for the 1st time, so I look
forward to seeing Sally's conlang when it's all done.
(Note that I also mentioned Irina as I especially
enjoy her Valdyas/Ilaini webpage that you should check

Rgds, Matt33

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