On Fri, Nov 02, 2001 at 06:31:59PM -0800, Yoon Ha Lee wrote:
> >>THAC0 is NOT a Mexican food.
> >
> >What is THACO?
> Oh.  <blush>  "To hit armor class 0."  It's from Dungeons & Dragons (the
> roleplaying system).  I'm afraid my tags are a mishmash of physics, math,
> computer and roleplaying humor.

OHHHH so THAT's what it is. :-P
I used to dabble a bit in RPGs, but apparently I didn't pick up that
acronym :-)

> Life is complex: it consists of real and imaginary parts.

Hahahahahaha... may I steal this one too? :-)

ObConlang: after typing the above line, a thought just struck me. How do
your conlangs represent laughter? English does it as "hahaha" or "hehehe"
Mandarin does it as "xiao4 xi1 xi1" (literally, laughing ha-ha). I seem to
recall Spanish doing it another way, etc..

What about your conlangs? :-) I haven't really thought about my conlang
yet, but I *might* go for the whimsical derivative of _ki'gi_ ("fun" of
the noisy variety, as y'all have seen in the relay):

OK, that sounds like giggling, but hey, close enough :-) Also, it makes
for funny puns (or punny funs) if you lengthen the syllables to gii [gi:],
since the other word related to noise or rowdiness is _gii'j3li_


EMACS = full(y) crippled operating system