--- Frank George Valoczy <[log in to unmask]> wrote:
> ...preferably from someone who is good with
> Japanese, and other stuff too.

As much as I can, I'd like to advise...

> The seventh verse of the 8th Sura has me doing
> mental acrobatics, and falling off the trapeze
> repeatedly.

Ugh, I'm already not sure if I'll be of any useful.

> I don't know how right this is, in other words, does

> it make sense? This is what seemed logical to my
> brain:

If you're asking about syntax of it compared to Jpn,
I'd guess that it is close but not exact. I cannot
comment as to how the Jpn would be, because (1) I'm
not familiar with the Koran and (2) such historical
writings into Jpn tend to be beyond my comprehension
as a foreigner.

> Na  ErutE alaxu-Na      omaEta-ni
> tiSijuni-no    sid^ja-taba
> and when  Allah-SUBJECT you(pl,inf)-DATIVE
> enemy-GENITIVE two-C:Groups

Well, Jpn tends to sway away from "and" beginning
sentences for one.  I'd guess something like "sara ni"
(furthermore) or even "mata" (additionally), although
depending on the text and previous, it could even be
something like "nao" (therefore, hence).  Also, you
know that "when" construction in Jpn can be tricky --
you can use the colloquial _...toki ni_ (at the time
of - ie, denwa-kaketa toki ni, at the time I called
you) or even the conditional form -ra (ie,
denwa-kaketara, sugu taiou shite kure; when/if I call
you, pick up quickly).

> xodu-no  Nopo-taba    xodu-?o  amaladadEmata,
> gang-GEN one-C:Groups gang-ACC promise-PAST
> And when Allah promised one of the enemy's two bands
> to you,

Again, only a guess but maybe something in Jpn like:
_Teki no ni-gumi wo Ala ni yakusoku-saretara_ ??
(Enemy's 2-group.ACC Allah by
Sorry, but I've never had to translate the Koran into
Jpn in the 10 yrs of my experience with the lang --
any native Jpns here?


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