--- The RipperDoc <[log in to unmask]> wrote:
> Hello!
> I'm trying to develop my Teinvard-grammar to a more
> advanced level. It can
> handle simple sentences like "Marlo eats food" etc.,
> but I need it to be
> waterproof. How should I proceed the testing and
> development of the
> language? Do you have any good methods?
> Maybe a couple of grammaticaly really advanced
> sentences that I can use to
> test the grammar? Which steps do you follow in the
> creation process (of the
> grammar)?
> I've got stucked and don't know how to continue, so
> I need all ideas I can
> get.

Far be it from me to pass myself off as an advanced
conlanger, but I was thinking that trying to force
yourself to give the Teinvard rendition of really
complex ideas a good tester -- especially something
with many embedded clauses.

How about something like:
That guy that you were talking to, whose name I think
might possibly be Mario, only eats vegetarian food and
food not prepared in oil.

Apart from this, the suggestions everyone was giving
looked quite effective too.

Good luck,

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