Hey folks!  I just discovered two new graavg'aln words and a wonderful bit
of cultural info.  The words form the phrase tikhaabee dlaall, /t'Ix6be
d_l6K\/ if I've got my X-Sampa right.  Dude that's ugly!  This phrase names
the delicious soup I'm enjoying right now.

Tikhaabee means starchy or root-type vegetables.  Dlaall, means soup.

Here's the recipe:

kiituu vig'aad'e
Get a pan.

u^nyu^n jegh yishazii kuukultd'e. u^nyu^n piinu^t shiil cholnts hishka.
Fry two slices of onion, chopped, in a little peanut oil.

vrraadziid shpiit jegh tsu^kazh me^lti^ntu^ b'aanaa keptrriibood'e.
Add one and a half to two bowls of clean water.

vrraa chiiku^n jhidz keptrribood'e. Bhu verghb'aangd'e.
Add one chicken bullion cube, crumbled.

jegh dzedzemu oregu^noo kuu li beezu^ll kuu keptrriibood'e zhegh bhull
paarslii keptrriibood'e zhegh.
Add a couple of good pinches of oregano and basil and some parsley.

jegh ghoq tikhaabee xoonaa ketrriibood'e.
Add a couple of handfulls of dehydrated mixed vegetable chips (I used a
mixture of taro, potato, carrot, banana, lilly petals, sweet potato and

kivii pepe^r qgod keptrriibood'e zhegh kivii haazu^viivaajh xox
Add a good dose of white pepper and as much cayenne as you are comfortable

niibii tikhaabee l,aabu^ glublubd'e.
Boil until dehydrated veggies are soft.

vrraa tsu^kazh.
Makes one bowl.

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