Well, let's see.  In Graavg'aaln, I have three words for pillar:

hry"khdhaa (if less than 9.72 inches in diameter)
g'a^lhu"u"dho (if between 9.72 and 58.32 inches in diameter)
rvy"zhkhu (if more than 58.32 inches in diameter)

There are seven words for strong or strength:

ghaarm (a general term that includes IQ, self-control, endurance of pain,
faith, the ability to have visions, a good memory, creativity and a poetic
or turbulently emotional soul along with the ability to lift heaavy objects
and run forever without stopping)
ghraaghnguurgh (ultimately strong, to have ultimate strength)
gengvekh (strength of the hand)
ngaawgh (a direct address form meaning "mighty" or "mighty one" commonly
used by the out castes in addressing a warrior caste)
gaawngaagh (another direct address form meaning "mighty" or "mighty one",
only used when one is truely impressed and totally out-classed)
hrti^g (the strength to continue doing something -- endurance)
naarllv (the ability to do many repetitions of lift)

Oh, and ghraamjhev which means kratarch.
and Mu"rgh is the god of strength in the old pantheon.
Ghraaghnguurghdhaav is The Almighty, in the monotheistic religion popular
among the modern warrior caste).

There are eight words for upper arm:

(in ascending order of size)

l,iibu^ (rather scrawny)
dhong (the big guy on the fotball team)
ngegh (average bodybuilder)
ghaam (elite body builder)
ghaab'aa (a little bigger than Manfred Hoeberl)
xogh (unthinkably huge, no human example likely to occur)
xohru^  (I think this one comes from a misreading of an ancient text and is
only applied to divinities)

and a general term -- maargh

There are seven words that could be translated as wrestling:

ngu"rgha^ (a form of leg wrestling similar to that practiced in Hong Kong)
xorgh (rather like armwrestling)
rrav (opponents hold eachother by the belt as in Lancastshire[?] style but
attempt to force their opponent to bend backward by strength of the
juubvu^ (lying supine, a bit like "Indian" wrestling)
dhookhavu^ (opponents are handcuffed together)
ghroomba^v (not much on rules, rather more of a brawl)
yishazii (a bit like sumo)

And finally there are nineteen words that could be translated "lift":

ngaagh (the most general term)
n,aatl (to lift by bending the back)
naargh (to lift by flexing the arm)
xu^h (to lift off one's self)
nguh (to lift with the legs from a lying position)
yaanggh (to lift with or on the back)
he^rrnt (to lift by bending the knees)
hry"ndill (to lift by pulling the arms together above the chest)
hraek (to lift over head)
tlaar (to lift on the shoulder)
brrevmizha (to lift overhead from the floor in one motion)
b'rullu^n (to lift by flexing the wrist [especially in the manner of lifting
a hammer)
khernikht (to lift from behind the neck)
ngaantuugh (to lift with great effort)
rve^gh (to lift only a fraction of an inch)
yaegh (to lift only a few inches)
civaagh ( to lift with little or no effort)
lha^gh (to lift an enormous ammount, technically to lift a world record)
d,aar (to fail to lift)

Also see

l,y" (to injure oneself trying to lift too much)
lli^n (to kill oneself straining to lift [usually by blowing an artery])

There are also several words for bowls of varoius sizes and uses.

tsu^kazh (a small hand bowl)
hiijaazha (a large hand bowl)
ho"o"mu^gh (a two-handled bowl)
waazhoov (a humongous bowl like the ones they serve soup in at Vietnamese

There are three words for "to boast".

zevaagh (to boast in one's heart)
tezegh (to boast against others, especially with intent to humiliate)
faarvuurni^ghdruugh (to boast against a god)

And the curious word tiitiitlu^ defined as "a sudden rainstorm during a
drought which is neither enough to break the drought nor to cool the air"
which would imply that ther must be a number of other rain words besides
n*y"y"slee which just means rain. Oh, and I forgot ngiiv, storm which
changes meaning in the plural to hurricane -- ngiivu^n.

And I have two words for anger which imply several others may exist.

dhiv (mild anger)
ghixokh (earth-shattering fury, murderous rage)
with a note that the second state may also be referred to as a "blood-roar"

So I like weird lexemes.  So sue me.


PS Sorry for the length.  I know I got carried away.

So lift the cup of joy and take a big drink.
In spite of it all it's a beautiful world.
-------Suzanne Knutzen

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