>From: Frank George Valoczy <[log in to unmask]>
 >How exactly is that word "pho" pronounced?

        I've always heard it pronounced "fU" (is there a standard
bracketing to indicate SAMPA coding?), but I understand there are
dialectal differences in pronunciation.

        A friend of mine, Eric, is also a fan of Vietnamese food, and
when he was visiting a friend in California, they went to a Vietnamese
restaurant.  His friend was upset that Eric knew how to pronounc pho
mostly correctly.  She felt no one from Wisconsin should be able to do
that.  :)

 >>         * electronic music (a lot of timbre terms)
 >Stockhausen fan?

        Well, of some of his music sometimes.  He himself is a
world-class jerk.

 >>         I make and listen to a lot of electronic music, so things
 >> like, achurnaure n. "near timbre," which refers to ambient,
 >> non-musical sounds embedded within a musical texture, is very useful
 >> to me.
 >This is cool too. I know I'll have to come up with a lot of words too. I
 >know Nyenya'a music is dodecaphonic and quintshifting. Generally you will
 >find, in a native Nyenya'a musical piece, 12 triplets, based on the 12
 >different notes, each one once, before the 12 triplets are shifted up,
 >then back to root, then down, then back to root again.

        Like hungarian folk music?  That was the only reference I
could find the quint-shifting.  Do you have any good URLs on this.

always looking for more musical forms to adulterate