At 05.44 a.m. 6.11.2001 +0000, D Tse wrote:
>Not too bad...I have been known to be a fast typer too.
>I've been meaning to learn Dvorak one day but I don't have key layout
>stickers or anything that would be useful.

I don't have stickers on my keyboard. One of the points of Dvorak is to
assist touchtyping, so you don't need to bother looking at the keyboard.
It's rather disconcerting to look at what you're typing, tho. It becomes
instinctive; you cannot think about it any at all (even moreso than with
qwerty, because as soon as you think about it, you've got no idea what's
what. 'Why on earch am I typing "G" to get an "I"?'). I imagine with a
dvorak-labelled keyboard ($A149 from a Retravision in WA for a
'Dvortyboard') it'd be different, tho.

One of the problems of dvorak is that 'most people' have problems using a
qwerty keyboard afterwards. I'm slowly regaining qwerty skills, but I'm a
lot slower (for, say, using on an opac at a library) than before. (I'd say
about ten words per minute with the odd look.)

Although I must say that I like dvorak. Before dvorak, it was a completely
valid observation to say 'you'd type faster if you didn't type so fast',
but now, mistakes only happen in memorised regular sequences, like
'Tristan' or my password, and there it's only a case of 'Tristna' or similar.

Tristan (isn't forcing dvorak onto the world, he just likes what he uses
and uses what he likes)