On Monday, November 5, 2001, at 09:43 , Roger Mills wrote:

> Yoon Ha Lee wrote:
>> On Sunday, November 4, 2001, at 03:03 , Roger Mills wrote:
>>> Well, it's time.....Kash now has a website, albeit not complete.
>> Roger, this is beautiful!  I loved your maps and looking at the alphabet
>> with the translation-samples.  (Did you create a font for it?)  I look
>> forward to seeing more, and only wish I had time to pick up some Kash...
>> :-
> Many thanks.  (We kould all use more kash...)  Yes, the font was made with
> High Logic's Font Creator Program, parts of which were beyond my
> understanding, but it works anyhow.  It even types quite nicely...but I'm
> waiting to hear from the industrious soul who finds the typos (to my
> knowledge, one in each Kash text, not fixed yet).
<laugh>  I am unfortunately not that industrious soul, but it sure came
out quite nicely.  And hey--you obviously didn't need to use the
beyond-your-understanding parts of the software...

>> Two non-conlang things:
>> 1.  Some of the graphics were hard to read (diagonal lines especially
>> appeared very faint).  That may be due to the fact that I'm viewing
>> everything on a 11.1 inch 1024x768 monitor, though.
> Perhaps.  Though some of them are better than others, even on my own
> screen.
> I don't know why; they all went thru the same scanner etc...

We may have to chalk it down in scanner weirdness...I've seen scanners do
*bizarre* stuff to simple things, like lines.  :-p

I have access to scanners but I'm generally too lazy...I just go into
Painter 6 and create a .gif with my art tablet.

>> 2.  If it's possible to include a complete index-of-pages on the main
>> page,
>>  that would be helpful for navigation (e.g. if someone didn't have time
>> to
>> read through it in one sitting and wanted to jump directly to the section
>> on numbers or something).
> Not sure I understand:  there are (or _should be_) links to each section
> at
> the bottom of the Contents page-- or do you mean a more complete
> description?
More complete description?  Hmm.  Maybe I missed it--I was looking for
subsections in the middle of the page, which is where I started clicking
links.  My bad.

> BTW I looked at your Tasratal site, and love that script.  I can't imagine
> how a font could be made for it, but if they can do it for Hangul and
> Devanagari it must be possible.  A different character for every possible
> CV
> and CVC combination??

Thank you.  :-)  I honestly don't know (and don't currently have access to
a font creation program).  Your approach would be a pain in the butt to
type, though easier than writing everything out by hand once I learned it.
   :-p  I've typed (badly spelled) Korean and it's pretty easy, but there's
some amont of processing/arrowing-over to distinguish between double-"bach'
im" (when you have two consonants at the end of a syllable, one of which
is usually silent when the syllable appears in isolation, but you still
need it for mutations and elision? and stuff) and
single-"bach'im"-then-next-initial-consonant.  Oof.

I really must stop making alphabets that are difficult to fontify.  ^_^

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