Ferko wrote :
in Nyenya'a:

GEN = Genitive
SUB = Subject
COM = Comitative
REF = Reflexive
CNT = Continuative
PST = Past
ABL = Ablative
HAB = Habitual
C:  = Classifier:(type)
TOP = Topicaliser
ACC = Accusative
CAU = Causative
MOM = Momentaneous
CND = Conditional
PSS = Passive
INC = Inchoative
PRS = Present
INF = Infinitive
PsPt = Past participle
(i) = informal

NEruma-no mErutsa-Na jal^ja-sa widakoruwalarEbata mESipuru
north-GEN wing-SUB   sun-COM   argue-REF-CNT-PST  decide-INF
The North Wind and the Sun were arguing to decide

xan^jani poNana karEta-da pili? orolE? oSEti
which    among  they-ABL  most  strong be-HAB
which of them was the strongest,

ErutE Nopo-ni?     wataminamatsa-wa EsE-wa  manitili-?o
when  one-C:people traveller-TOP    who-TOP coat-ACC
when a traveller who was wearing a coat

parotE tEworEdEmata
along  come-PST
came along.

karEta-wa n^jEmEdEdEmata E?   karu-Na EsE-Na
they-TOP  agree-PST      that he-SUB  who-SUB
they agreed that he who

NopobirEx^ja poNana karEta-da qula-?o karu-no manitili-?o
first (adv)  among  they-ABL  man-ACC he-GEN  coat-ACC


firstly among them succeeded to make the man remove his coat

pili? orolE? tiritErEbarElaqdEma
most  strong consider-CND-PSS-INC-PRS
should be considered (lit: should begin being considered)

ta   NEruma-no mErutsa-wa, tupi orolEqx^ja piradEmata
then north-GEN wind-TOP    as   strongly   be able-PST
Then the North Wind, as strongly as he could, began to

NaNi soNo orolEqx^ja kENEdEmata
but  more strongly   bluster-PST
but the stronger he blustered,

soNo orolEqx^ja wataminamatsa-Na karu-no manitili-?o Saukita
more strongly   traveller-SUB    he-GEN  coat-ACC
close-PsPt hold-PST
the stronger the traveller held his coat closed;

kasEli NEruma-no merutsa-Na uQSatu?-?o  xul^jidEmata
until  north-GEN wind-SUB   attempt-ACC abandon-PST
until the North Wind abandoned the attempt.

ta   jal^ja-wa lan^jEnEx^ja pESEdalaqta
then sun-TOP   warmly       shine-INC-PST
then the Sun began to shine warmly,

Na  taxasEnax^ja qula-Na karu-no manitili-?o SaxiSidEmata
and immediately  man-SUB he-GEN  coat-ACC    remove-PST
and immediately the man removed his coat.

tarEqma NEruma-no merutsa-wa EridEmata aladaru
thus    north-GEN wind-TOP   must-PAST confess-INF
Thus the North Wind had to confess

E?   jal^ja-Na karu-da soNo orolE? oSEti
that sun-SUB   he-ABL  more strong be-HAB
that the Sun was stronger than he.


"Nature and Nature's Law lay hid in night; God said, "Let
Tesla be" and
all was light." - B.A. Behrend at AIEE Conference, May 18,

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Funny that!
It's like you stuck some Japanese clitics and verbal endings
on your conlang.
How do you pronounce "q"?