>From: Patrick Jarrett
>I was driving and an idea came to me, Durana has I, you,
>he/she/it, we, they. But what if... they had pronouns for
>pairs of groups. Like I and you (me and you), I and he (me
>and him), I and they (me and them), and then we go to You
>and him, you and her, you and them, you and us. But having
>that many pronouns would be convoluted, so I am thinking
>of limiting it to the following...
>I and you
>He and I
>she and I
>Them and me
>You and them
>Anyone know a language, con or true, that has a system like this?

Well, "exclusive" and "inclusive" pronouns in natlangs don't (AFAIK) generally
extend beyond:

1st person inclusive: me/we and you
1st person exclusive: me and him/her/it/them/us (but not you)

I always wanted to put in an "exclusive you" for "present company excepted"
situations.  (i.e., 'you as a group, but not you as an individual')... but
that'd be a little much, I think.