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> --- Yoon Ha Lee <[log in to unmask]> wrote:
>> (And yes, to answer someone's question, the <g> for
>> [N] was inspired by
>> Japanese, specifically "ichigo"--I love
>> strawberries.)
> YHL, are you really referring to ichigo and not Ichigo
> (ie, the baseball player)?  :D
Ah, woe is I, for I don't follow baseball.  :-p

> Like the posting on Tasratal, although couldn't you
> use xxx instead of tx for /tS/?  Gives more character
> to your language...

<laugh>  Whereas Jeff Jones (I believe) commented that the presence of x
and xx in the original romanization might result in xxx, and my fiance
might not like that.  ^_^  But thanks.  Perhaps I should create a langue d'
amour with such a feature...?

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