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>> Possible examples:
>> "Yoon" txo ~= I *am* Yoon, dammit!
>>                Yoon *will* exist!
>> "Yoon" ga ~= Are you Yoon?
>>               Is there a Yoon?
>> "Yoon" nai ~= Yoon exists or is here.
>> Note that <txo> can be used in a fashion similar (?)
>> to the Japanese yo,
>> <ga> in a fashion similar to Japanese ka.  (At least
>> as I understand them.)
> Nice little feature, also like Korean _anmida_ isn't
You mean _amnida_?  :-)  (Er...I hope that's right.  Eep.)

> it?  Just wondering, what if you just want to say "I'm
> Yoon" as in Jpn "Yoon desu".  Your txo is way too
> strong, if it is the equivalent of Jpn yo.  Is it nai
> then?  Hmm, but nai somehow makes me think the
> negative "I'm not Yoon" (probably because it is the
> negative in Jpn!)...  BTW, is this always used for any
Yeah--I hadn't thought of the Japanese negative, but you're right.  (Then
again, I know very little Japanese.)

"Yoon-en" would be something like "I'm Yoon."  "Yoon-nai" would be
something like "There is a Yoon."  The main difference between the two is
that you could say "Yoon unicorn-en"--Yoon is a unicorn (but unicorns, at
least to my knowledge, don't exist).  You couldn't say "Yoon unicorn-nai"
because that makes an additional statement about existence that isn't
there with the "en" copula.  Does that make any sense?

> register of speech?  For instance, you know that desu
> --> da or desuyo --> (da)yo in Jpn... same in
> Tasratal?
My *vague* understanding from various subbed anime is that da is less
formal.  Is that correct?  I actually haven't figured out registers of
speech in Tasratal; for the moment they don't exist.  One meep at a time..

>> Possible examples:
>> "Yoon" en. ~= (I'm) Yoon.
> Eh?  So, how is Yoon en different from Yoon nai ?
> The copula is en, not nai - right?
See above...

> Oh, I love these little markers!  You're so creative
> with that implied "dammit" meaning and all.  I think I
> can do somethiing like that in Vyh with my honorific
> _hy'yy_ used in conjunction with negativizor _ox_.
Thank you.  :-)  What does _hy'yy_ by itself usually signify?

> Too much more to comment on, so I'll close early.
> Nice job, I for one like the logic to it!

Thanks!  Your comments are really helpful, too; they force me to clarify
what the heck is going on with the language.  :-)  Doomo arigatoo!

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