> Of course, Québecois is a dialect that pronounces "tu vas" as /tsu vA/,
> suis" as /Syi/ or even just /Sy/ - "chuis" or "chus" or "j'su'" in
> transcription - and mashes "je vais" into "m'as" /mA/ before another verb,
> e.g. "je vais te dire quelque chose" "I'm going to tell you something"
> out /mA t@ dzi:(r) ketSoz/. Terrifying. <grin>

Greetings from Montreal :) I adore Quebecois French. I pointed out a little
while ago an interesting case, "qu'est-ce qu'il y a", pronounced /keskijV/ -
one phoneme per morpheme, seven morphemes in three syllables. Câlice!

> >After a slight pause the student tried again, "What
> >was the matter? What has been the matter? What might have been the
> >matter...?"

I told my roommate this. His comment: "That's not even bad enough to be
funny." That would be because he's not a linguist. :)

>         Ahhh....
>         You must go to the web site
>         Actually, besides the author's strange sense of humor (I really
> it), she discusses the 10 languages everyone should learn because they're
> interesting, and Georgian is one of them.

!! Small world! The guy (yes) who does that web page is a Canadian
Esperantist and my ex-boyfriend's former roommate :)