On Wed, 7 Nov 2001, Andreas Johansson wrote:

> Frank Valoczy wrote:
> >I vaguely remember something in Swedish that starts as "sjo: sjuk
> >sjo:menn..."
> This must be a corruption of "Sju sjösjuka sjömän" [x}: x2:x}:ka x2:mEn],
> meaning "Seven seasick seamen". There are a few lines more, which I fail to
> recall.

That sounds right. But don't forget, all the Swedish I know is spoken
only, I can't write it correctly - generally I use Icelandic orthography
if I don't know what it is in Swedish, hence "sjo:menn", and also I can't
type letters with diacritics in Pine.

>                                                 Andreas
> PS Those [x]'s is how I say it. The Standard pronunciation is supposed to be
> [x\] (simultaneous postalveolar and velar voiceless fricative).

My cousin said it something like [xw] I think...last I was in Lund was

> PPS I agree with everyone who's said that X-SAMPA [{] and [}] are ugly!
> Since [a\] and [u\] are unused, perhaps these'd be good replacements. What
> do people think?
> PPS Speaking of X-SAMPA, who to denote IPA turned-a?

turned script or not script?