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> Ok, here goes. Mind that I am not that well versed in phonetic
> spelling
> though...
> City: Krimpen aan den IJssel ['krImp@ an d@ 'Eis@l]
> Province: Zuid-Holland [s9yt'OlAnt]
> Country: Nederland ['ned@rlAnt]
> Nearby cities and towns: Rotterdam ['rOt@rdAm], Gouda ['GAuda],
> Schoonhoven
> ['sxo:nhof@]
> Other nearby places: Capelle [ka'pEl@], Ouderkerk ['Aud@kErk],
> Kralingse
> Veer ['kralINs@ 'fIr]

Definitely Hollands dialect group :))) . Due to my boyfriend's influence, I
speak more Brabants :) , with definitely /v/ for 'v', and final 'n' still
pronounced when the following word begins with a vowel. Well, at least you
don't pronounce 'ij' /aj/ :)) .

> I am not entirely sure what the correct X-SAMPA is for that Dutch "r"
> sound.
> Maybe Irina or Boudewijn could correct me on this...

Irina pronounces it as an uvular fricative [R] (like in French), but my
boyfriend uses an alveolar flap [r] (like in Spanish). Pick the one you use :) .


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